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Delivering our Vision


The overall work programme of the Finance Academy is overseen by the Academy Board which meets every two months.  As well as receiving action and update papers on specific projects, the Board receives regular Highlight Reports which show progress against key milestones for each theme area, and an annual update report against the overall programme objectives.

The Finance Academy has a dedicated programme team, including a director, professional leads, project managers and project support.  This programme team manages the work programme on behalf of the Academy, working closely with the NHS Wales finance community and our partners on the specific projects.

Each of four theme areas is headed up by a Director of Finance Sponsor and a Vice Chair Sponsor, and supported by a Steering Group that is responsible for developing and delivering the theme's programme, although these differ in governance arrangements and membership depending on need.  Programme and project management support is provided by nominated members of the programme team.   

The arrangements for delivering each of the individual projects within each theme varies considerably. Some projects span a long period of time or are large enough to be considered programmes in their own right and will have appropriate governance and engagement structures, and senior leadership from finance and our partners.